The Process for Getting Dental Implants in Michigan

Many people end up getting dental implants in their life. Teeth do not last forever, especially if they are not properly taken care of. If the tooth becomes damaged, then it may need to be removed. An implant can then be put in to replace it. Dental Implants in Michigan patients are put in via a specific process.

Step 1 – Tooth Removal The first step of the process is to have the damaged tooth removed. If there is already a missing tooth, then this part does not need to be done. Teeth can become damaged or decayed for a number of reasons.

Step 2 – Rod Insertion A tooth needs roots in order to grow. If there is no more tooth, there are no roots. The dentist will then insert a titanium rod into the jawbone. It will be placed under the gum line. This rod will act as the tooth root. A crown will be placed over this rod so it has time to fuse to the jawbone.

Step 3 – Tooth Placement After a few months, the rod will have fused with the jawbone. Once this has happened, the new tooth replacement is ready to be placed. The fake tooth will be made to look just like the other teeth in the person’s mouth so it will look and feel completely real.

Once the tooth has been placed and the dentist has finished the process, the patient will now have their missing tooth back. This dental implant will look just like a regular tooth, and work the same way as well. Only now, it has a much smaller chance of becoming decayed or damaged as a regular tooth would.

Any person with a missing or damaged tooth should look into getting a dental implant. Either one tooth can be replaced, or a whole mouth full of teeth. Those who have missing teeth and have trouble chewing their food will be pleased with a dental implant. It will allow them to eat all the foods they did before their teeth were missing.


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