The Truth About Root Canals Might Surprise You

If there is any dental procedure that has a bad reputation, it’s a root canal. People who have never had one believe that it’s incredibly painful. The truth is that root canals relieve pain, not cause it. People often report that in spite of their fears, the actual procedure was no worse than getting a filling. Even better, that awful tooth pain was gone.

Why Would Root Canal Therapy be Necessary?

Every year, dentists are able to help millions of patients to save a damaged or infected tooth with root canal therapy. Each tooth has from one to four root canals extending downward into the base of the tooth. The interior of the tooth is filled with pulp, containing blood, connective tissue and nerves. In children, the pulp nourishes the growing tooth; adult teeth, however, can survive without the pulp.

When the pulp becomes infected, it usually becomes painful (remember those nerves?). There are a number of possible reasons for the infection, including decay going deep into the tooth, a crack or chip in the tooth, a defective crown or too many dental procedures on the tooth. If the infection is untreated long enough, it can become an abscess, which can spread the infection to the surrounding gum and bone. At times, the pain from an abscess is so severe that pain medications do not relieve the pain.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Save the Tooth?

The total procedure requires one to three sessions. The infected pulp needs to be removed. Then the inside of the tooth must be carefully cleaned and disinfected, and the tiny root canals reshaped. The cleansed pulp chamber and root canals are then filled with a rubber-like substance and medication to prevent further infection. Once this is done, the tooth is restored and protected with a crown. Once restored, the tooth will function like the other teeth. Saving the tooth allows normal chewing and biting; the tooth often lasts just about as long as the other teeth.

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