Three Factors For Determining The Best Candidates For Invisalign In Pampa, TX

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Dentist

Many individuals have heard of Invisalign and they’re interested in using them to straighten their teeth. Dentists consider several factors before they approve individuals for invisible braces. Read the information below to learn about three considerations dentists use when determining the best candidates for Invisalign in Pampa, TX.

The Age Of The Candidate

Dentists seldom approve young children for braces because they must wait until all their permanent teeth have fully erupted into position. Candidates for braces must be around 12 years of age before dentists will consider them for Invisalign.

Adults are the best candidates because their teeth have finished erupting. Senior adults can also get braces, but the dentist must check their bone density first. Since the teeth of many older adults are less healthy, as they were in previous years, they may have to wear their aligners longer.

The Dental Issues Of The Candidate

When dentists at Panhandle Dental perform exams to determine if individuals are good candidates for invisible braces, they’ll first look at the condition of their teeth. Invisalign helps to straighten teeth but these aligners won’t fix everything.

Common dental issues that invisible braces can correct include underbites, overbites, gaps in the teeth, and crowded teeth. Individuals who have severe issues with their teeth may not be good candidates for invisible braces, and they may need to wear traditional metal braces instead.

The Mindset Of The Candidate

Unlike traditional braces that dentists permanently affix to the teeth, invisible aligners are clear plastic trays that individuals take off themselves when they eat or drink. The rest of the time, around 22 hours a day, individuals must wear their aligners. Unless they’re completely committed, some individuals may not follow the instructions as prescribed.

After dentists remove the aligners, individuals must wear retainers for a certain amount of time to ensure their teeth stay in the correct position. Dentists will recommend Invisalign in Pampa, TX only for individuals who show they have the right mindset and the dedication to follow the dentist’s instructions.

Individuals who are good candidates for invisible aligners to straighten their teeth can Visit the Website for more information. Those who aren’t the best candidates can speak with their dentist to explore other options to beautify their smile.

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