Three Reasons That Invisalign Is a Better Option Than Traditional Braces

Has your dentist told you that you may need to seek orthodontic treatment? Straight teeth don’t just look better. They are better for your oral health too. If you need braces, you have probably been given the option of using Invisalign in Hinsdale for your treatment. Invisalign offers a variety of benefits over its traditional counterpart, including the following three.

They’re Invisible

It’s in the name. Invisalign braces are conspicuous compared to traditional braces. If you are concerned with the aesthetics of braces and aren’t looking forward to the idea of a mouth full of metal, Invisalign in Hinsdale is right for you. This is why they are such a great option for adults.


Unlike Invisalign, traditional braces are permanent. The ability to take your Invisalign in and out makes it much easier to clean both your teeth and the braces themselves. If oral health is a major concern of yours, and it should be, choose Invisalign. Each Invisalign user is prescribed a different amount of time per day that they need to wear the braces.


The average treatment time for Invisalign is 12-18 months. This is in stark contrast to traditional braces that take around 36 months on average. It would be hard to think of any reason you would want to have braces longer than you have to, right? If you want to get a great smile as quickly as possible, don’t get traditional braces.

There is no better time to straighten your teeth than right now. Contact Dentistry By Design


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