Tooth Causing You Pain? An Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ May Be Able to Help

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Dentistry

Some people say that the pain caused by a toothache is the worst they have ever felt. Whether you have a high or low tolerance for pain, it is important to address dental pain quickly, because the pain is a sign of a serious problem. In many cases, an emergency dentist can provide immediate relief in the form of a filling, extraction or pain killers until a patient can make an appointment with an Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ to address the cause of the toothache.

There are many conditions that can cause severe dental pain, and only a qualified Oral Surgeon can diagnose and treat your problem. Teens and young adults often have tooth pain when their third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, start to erupt. Though some patients need to have them removed because they are impacted, most people are able to relieve the pain and have a useful third set of molars to help them chew. If your wisdom teeth are causing you severe pain and you aren’t able to find relief with over-the-counter pain medications, an Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ may be able to help you.

Oral surgeons also extract heavily decayed teeth. Cavities, especially severe ones, can keep a person up at night. In the past, the only option patients had when they got their teeth pulled were bridges and dentures. Today, though, surgeons often use dental implants to replace missing teeth and help maintain the alignment of the remaining teeth. With the help of your doctor, you can replace any missing teeth in your mouth so you don’t have to alter your diet to accommodate your missing teeth.

Temporom and ibular joint disorders can also cause pain that an oral surgeons can address. Oral surgeons often prescribe therapy as well as splints and oral medications for patients with TMJ disorder. In severe cases, oral surgeons may perform surgery to correct the problem. Patients who suspect that they may have a problem with their jaw bone or any other issue that could require the help of oral surgeons should consult with their family dentist for an evaluation and referral.

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