Tooth Whitening Basics – Why Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Are you considering a tooth whitening treatment? Here are a few things to know before you visit your dentist:

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened?

There are many reasons people choose to have their teeth whitened. Health is not one of them; teeth can be perfectly healthy without being perfectly white. However, for those that put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the health and beauty of their smile, it can be a very rewarding feeling to have teeth whitening treatment and reveal their efforts to the world in a more appreciable way.

Some other reasons people undergo teeth whitening include:

    • Bad habits. Do you drink too much coffee, wine, tea, or soda? Many people find their teeth are stained by these beverages – and that tooth whitening dramatically improves the look of stained teeth.
    • Smoking cessation. For many former smokers, having their teeth whitened is like a final step in saying farewell to the negative impact smoking has had on their body and life.
    • Job interviews. Nothing boosts your confidence like a bright, white smile. Getting your teeth whitened before a job interview can significantly improve your chances of impressing those interviewers and landing that big gig!
    • Special Occasions. Whether it’s a big school dance, a class reunion, or your wedding day, being photo-ready is easy when your smile speaks for you.

Why Go with a Pro?

Some may ask why a person would want to get their teeth professionally whitened when so many products are available over the counter to do the same thing. The truth is, these products claim to deliver much more than they actually offer to buyers. Many toothpastes or rinse products boasting whiter teeth offer minimally-noticeable results. It can be a waste of time and money.

Getting a professional teeth whitening treatment by your Knoxville, TN cosmetic dentist guarantees results you’ll love – and be proud to show off!


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