Treatments for Common Oral Issues

Many oral health issues such as receding gums or bad breath can leave you feeling embarrassed to smile or confused about how to treat the issue. The following are a few oral health issues and common ways to treat them that are offered by a Dentist in Leesburg.

Bad Breath or Halitosis

Having chronic bad breath is both embarrassing, yet somewhat easy to treat when you realize the causes of this condition. Not brushing or flossing will allow food particles to remain in the mouth and begin to smell as they rot. Different medications can also cause chronic dry mouth which will in turn cause bad breath. Also, some foods that you eat such as garlic, may need to be cut out of your diet if they are causing the condition. Cigarette smoking has also been known to cause chronic bad breath. You may have to try many different treatments before discovering the root of your condition, but you should be patient and not give up. Visit website for more information.

Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing your teeth as recommended by your dentist will help in fighting tooth decay and erosion. A protective plastic sealant may also be used by your dentist to combat the decay. Acidic food such as citrus and pickles are known to strip your teeth of enamel causing decaying of your teeth. Other conditions such as acid reflux can cause decay at a rapid rate due to the gastric acid that is present and strips enamel. Always consult a dental professional before you start any sort of treatment.

Gums Receding

Receding gums can cause painful gum inflammation and bleeding. In severe cases the receding will even cause the teeth to loosen and fall out, which may be a situation where you need an Emergency Dentist to help alleviate the pain associated with this problem. Receding gums can be caused by hard bristle toothbrushes or grinding your teeth in your sleep. A steady regimen of flossing and brushing is what is recommended by dental professionals to treat receding gums.

Any of these issues should be immediately diagnosed and treated by your dentist. Changing your toothbrush when recommended is a good idea because lingering bacteria can cause various oral health issues. Also never underestimate the power of flossing when it comes to fighting off different dental issues.


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