Understanding the Different Types of Dental Bridges in Alexandria, VA

Dental Bridges in Alexandria VA, are devices that take the place of missing teeth. The construction of a bridge depends on the number or teeth missing and the general dental health of the patient. When discussing the options for a bridge with a patient, the dentist will likely mention three different types. Here is some information about each one.

Traditional Bridges

A basic or traditional bridge is the most common of all the Dental Bridges in Alexandria VA. With this approach, the dentist will create a crown on the natural teeth on each side of the gap. Those crowns help to anchor the false tooth, known as a pontic, in that gap. In many instances, the plan is to make the bridge look as natural as possible. For this reason, ceramic or porcelain is often the material of choice.

Cantilever Bridges

Less common, but still in use, is the cantilever bridge. This type of bridge is used when the false tooth can only be secured on one side. Typically, this is considered a last resort for dealing with a missing tooth located near the back of the mouth. Many dentists will only consider this approach if there is no other option that will work.

Maryland Bridges

Sometimes known as a resin bonded bridge, this approach does not rely on crowns to hold the bridge in place. Instead, the false tooth is bonded to the surrounding teeth using a resin-based adhesive, The false tooth proper may be made from a similar plastic, porcelain, or ceramic material. Even metal, similar to the types used for fillings, can be utilized in this type of bridge design.

Keep in mind there is no one design for a bridge that is ideal for every situation. It will take a dental professional to assess the condition of the patient and determine which approach would provide the most benefits. For anyone who is missing a tooth and wonders what can be done, click here to find more. Once the examination is complete, and the options are discussed, it will be easy to set up the procedure and know that, soon, the smile will be restored.


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