Understanding the Home Recovery Process After Gum Surgery in South Loop

When you suffer from advanced tooth or gum disease, your only remedy could be to undergo gum surgery. This type of oral surgery differs from having a tooth extracted or filled. It is more extensive and many times is performed in a single day surgery center or hospital for the safety of the patient.

After undergoing gum surgery, you will be required to follow certain instructions in order to heal properly. By following the advice of your periodontist near South Loop, you can minimize your pain as well as the amount of time that it takes for you to feel normal again.

Rinse With Saltwater

Your periodontist in South Loop will advise you to rinse your mouth with saltwater several times per day. Saltwater kills germs in the mouth. It makes the mouth inhospitable for bacteria and viruses to live.

Your provider will tell you to mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 4 ounces of lukewarm or warm water. You then should swish it in your mouth, focusing along the gums where your surgery was performed. You should avoid rinsing so hard that you loosen your stitches or cause bleeding.

Avoid Hard and Spicy Foods

You also will need to avoid eating foods that are hard or too spicy. Hard foods will loosen stitches and also cause your gums to start bleeding again. Eating these kinds of foods will be painful and cause you unnecessary discomfort.

Spicy foods can likewise irritate your gums and make your recovery more painful and prolonged. Your periodontist near South Loop will advise you to eat soft foods like gelatin and soup for the first few days to a week after your surgery.

These instructions are a few that you will follow as you heal from gum surgery. You can learn more by contacting South Loop Dental Specialists.


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