What are bonded teeth?

by | May 15, 2014 | Dentistry

Bonded teeth are those which have undergone a procedure known as dental bonding. Dental bonding in Marietta City is when a resin material is applied to the surface of the tooth. The resin is a unique plastic material which is shaped, applied to the tooth and then hardened using ultraviolet light. Once hardened, the dentist shapes the material in order to hide the imperfection or to improve the looks of the tooth. Dentists often use this procedure when a patient has a chipped tooth or a tooth which is visible and is decayed. The same procedure is used to hide stains and to improve the looks of a misshapen tooth or to fill spaces between teeth. People who suffer from gum problems often end up with a condition which results in the roots of their teeth showing, dental bonding in Marietta is also employed to cover the root.

One of the major advantages to tooth bonding is the cost, it is considerably less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures and it can be performed in one sitting in the dentist’s office.

Rarely is there a need for anesthesia when teeth are being bonded. This is usually not the case when the patient has opted for the fitting of crowns or veneers. These procedures are time consuming and expensive and in both cases it involves the making of appliances in a dental lab. The fitting of crowns or veneers takes considerable work and in most cases the patient will have to be anesthetized.

The down side of having bonded teeth is the fact they are not resistant to stains to the same degree as are veneers which are made from porcelain. They are also not as durable as they are produced from plastic and not stronger materials. With these limitations many patients will use it as a solution for minor problems and undergo more extensive and expensive treatment for major issues.

Bonding a tooth takes the dentist between 30 minutes and an hour. The color is chosen from a guide; the resin is mixed accordingly and applied to the tooth after it has been prepared by roughening it and the application of a conditioner. The roughening and conditioner helps the resin bond to the surface of the tooth. Once it is hard, the dentist makes final touch ups to shape the tooth perfectly and then polishes it.

Bonded teeth can often last up to ten years with care and proper maintenance which is no different than caring for the rest of the teeth; brushing, flossing and twice yearly checkups.

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