What Are Dental Bridges Chicago IL

by | May 16, 2013 | Dentistry

Dental Bridges Chicago, IL are dental products that restore the aesthetic appeal of an individual’s smile while also enabling them to chew properly. These devices are available in a permanent or removable option depending upon the needs of the individual patient. Permanent options are typically secured with cementing and wires connecting to other teeth. Removable bridges are kept in position with adhesive or a bonding agent especially designed for dentures. Bridges are used to fill the gaps in the mouth where teeth are missing due to lose. Your preferred dentist allows you to select the right choice for you based on existing damage or the need to replace simply teeth that were extracted previously.

The dentist will create a model of your teeth to allow him or her to create this bridge to match your own teeth as much as possible. He or she will establish the right size and fit to ensure that it is secure within your mouth and bridging the gap between your teeth. If you are receiving a permanent dental bridge, a temporary or removable bridge is given to you first until your gums return to normal size. This is only the case if these teeth were pulled. If the teeth have been removed prior to this visit, you may still receive a temporary bridge until the dentist completes your permanent one. Bridges are not the same as dental implants, which are installed using screws and artificial roots. These devices require a different type of connection with the use of wire and cement.

If you have been missing teeth, and your smile is not what it could be you should order Dental Bridges Chicago IL to improve the overall appeal of your smile. You will also improve your ability to chew and eat properly without issues or getting food stuff in difficult to reach areas. It will improve the aesthetics of your smile in a way that could boost self-confidence and improve your outlook on life. The permanent options are secure and will not come. Should they malfunction in any way your preferred dentist will repair them and ensure the quality of his or her work.

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