What are Your Options if You Can’t Afford a Dentist in Cape Girardeau MO

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Dental Services

Unfortunately, the poor economy has left many people without dental insurance and without the money to pay for their own dental procedures. As such, many people do without routine check-ups and cleanings. However, once your tooth starts hurting, you cannot ignore it, and you need to be seen. This presents a problem for those who don’t have insurance or money to pay for a procedures. Here are a few options for those who can’t afford a Dentist in Cape Girardeau MO.

Try a Dental School:

One of the best options for those without a lot of money, is to look for a dental school. Most dental schools treat people within the community for much less than a regular dentist would charge. Generally, the schools only ask for the money to pay for the materials. But, best of all, the procedure is overseen by a dentist, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong or it being done correctly. This is a great way to get a tooth filled on a budget.

Look for a Dental Clinic:

There are many dental clinics that offer free or low cost dental procedures to those who are on a limited budget and don’t have dental insurance. The best way to find these clinics is to call your local Health and Human services office, or do a search on the Internet. However, before you show up at the clinic, call and ask what they require. You may have to make an appointment and you may need to bring along a check stub, so they can verify your income.

Ask a Dentist in Cape Girardeau MO About Payment Plans:

The last option for someone who needs to see a dentist but does not have the money is to look for a dentist that offers payment plans. Many dentists know that patients don’t always have all of the money they need to get their dental problems resolved. As such, they offer payment plans. You put down a small amount of money, and then make monthly payments until the balance is paid in full. This may help you be able to afford the dental work you need.

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