What Can You Expect From Getting a Dental Implant in Murrieta?

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Dentistry

Do you have missing teeth, making it difficult to properly chew your food, speak and feel confident in your smile? If so, there are treatment options that can replace those missing teeth and fill in the gaps of your smile. With dental implant Murrieta, your smile can be dramatically improved and you can gain confidence in your appearance. With no missing teeth, you won’t have issues in enjoying your favorite foods or being able to converse with friends.

How are Dental Implants Put In?

Many people have heard about dental implants, but are unaware of how the process for putting them in works. Getting a dental implant is a three step process that first begins with an examination and series of X-rays. The dentist will need to examine your gums and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. If found to be healthy enough, your procedure will be scheduled.

Dental implants are put into place through a surgical procedure. The dentist will first give you anesthesia, to make sure you are comfortable through the procedure and feel no pain. Making a small incision in your tooth socket, the dentist will then insert a metal anchor into the opening. This anchor will be attached into your jaw bone, for a secure and unmovable fit.

It will take several weeks for you to heal from the procedure. Until your gums have completely healed, you will not have your teeth put into place. The earliest your healing time will be, is around three weeks, depending on your health. Once you have healed, the dentist will attach your new teeth to each metal anchor, making sure they fit in well with the surrounding teeth and cause no issues with your bite.

Once the metal anchors are in place, they can last a lifetime. If your tooth breaks, a new tooth can be placed onto the anchor. It is important to follow your dentit’s advice for caring for your dental implant Murrieta. With proper care, you can keep your dental implants looking their best, so your smile stays beautiful. If you are interested in learning more about getting a dental implant in Murrieta, contact the dental office of Dr. Paul Mehta. He can provide you with dental implants and a host of other services to keep your smile healthy.

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