What Happens At Your Evanston Dentist

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Dentistry

If you’ve been away from dentists for a while, you may wonder what happens or what the fuss is all about. Your Evanston Dentist is most associated with pulling teeth, examining and cleaning them, but they do so much more.

Of course, they do check for decay, but the dental examination is much more thorough. They will also evaluate your gums, head, and neck to see if anything is amiss. They will also check inside your mouth and down the throat to determine if there are indications for diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and oral cancer. They may also check your saliva, bite, jaw joints and more.

Once it is all complete, your Evanston Dentist will tell you what they found out about your health. In some cases, they will recommend a deep cleaning or may ask you to consider orthodontics and other specialty needs. Many of these dentists also offer such services, which means you won’t be required to go somewhere else. They will also tell you what they recommend, how often to brush, how to brush your teeth, and more. In all likelihood, they will remind you to floss daily and will ask you to set up an appointment in six months so that it’s ready and you don’t forget.

At Stephens Dentistry, they focus on giving you the quality care you deserve without overcharging you. While dental care can seem expensive, they hope that you take advantage of preventative measures, such as cleanings and check-ups to prevent more costly treatments later, such as extractions and implants. However, they are there for you no matter what treatment you require, ensuring that you know all the facts and can make an informed decision. Your Evanston Dentist can do much more than clean your teeth, ensuring that your whole mouth is healthy.

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