What Is Routine Dental Care?

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Dentists

Good oral hygiene is essential to your overall health.  Bad oral health has not only been linked to periodontal disease but to a number of other health risks, including heart disease.  Taking good care of your teeth involves going to the dentist every six months for a dental checkup.  During a six month dental checkup there are a number of things that dentists in Dallastown PA do in order to prevent and detect any oral health problems before they become serious health issues.  Following are some things you can expect during a routine dental visit.

Dental cleanings are part of routine dental care.  Brushing and flossing your teeth daily is essential to having healthy gums and teeth, but it is important to have a deep teeth cleaning done at least twice a year by your dental care provider.  Generally, a dental cleaning is performed by a dental hygienist, a person who is trained to provide dental care alongside your dentists in Dallastown PA.  A dental hygienist uses special tools to deep clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar build up that cannot be removed using a regular toothbrush.  The removal of this plaque can help to prevent periodontal disease.

X-rays are also part of routine dental checkups.  Getting x-rays of your teeth can help your dentist discover any problems that may not be apparent to the naked eye.  Your dentist’s assistant may drape a protective covering your body in order to protect you from any stray rays from the x-ray machine while the x-rays are being taken.  Small inserts are put in the sides and front of your mouth.  These inserts contain the film that will capture the image of your teeth when the x-ray is taken.  The images on the film inserts allow dentists in Dallastown PA to take a closer look at their patient’s teeth.  After your x-rays are taken, your dentist will examine the film inserts.

Once your teeth have been cleaned and x-rays have been taken, your dentist will examine your teeth.  He or she will look for any abnormalities, like cavities, or indications of problems with your oral health, like periodontal disease.  Your dentist will also talk to you about your x-rays and any abnormalities that were discovered.  Generally, after a routine dental exam, dentists in Dallastown PA provide their patients with a new toothbrush.  If you get a new toothbrush, you may want to discard your old toothbrush when you get home.

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