What Leads to a Root Canal Treatment?

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Dental Services

A root canal is the natural cavity within the center of a tooth that is filled with sensory nerves and soft pulp tissue. When the root pulp is inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment is recommended. This treatment helps save a tooth from extraction and prevents the infection from spreading to the healthy tissue around the infected tooth, which can possibly lead to formation of an abscess. In most cases, neglecting an infected tooth can spread the swelling to the face, neck or head. It also can affect the bone around the root tip. In other words, a root canal will help restore a natural tooth. If you are in need of a root canal in Jacksonville Beach then you should turn to Jax Beaches Family Dentistry for their superior dental services.

Causes of Tooth Decay or Infection
When it comes to the causes of tooth decay or infection it could be a chipped or cracked tooth, an infected tooth or a repeated dental procedure. Each of these can cause the tooth pulp to become inflamed or irritated, which will lead to having to have a root canal procedure performed.

The Root Canal Treatment
The root canal treatment may consist of visiting a dental professional a couple of times. First an X-ray is suggested so the dentist can see the extent of the damage or infected tooth as well as confirm if the root canal procedure is the best option. If you are a good candidate for the treatment then the procedure will begin with you receiving a local anesthetic for comfort. Then a dental professional will start by removing the infected pulp and any other bacteria. After a thorough cleaning is complete a dentist will seal it properly so to prevent it from becoming infected again.

Visit a Dental Professional
Jax Beaches Family Dentistry is a well-established dental facility that offers the service of root canal in Jacksonville Beach area. If you would like to know more about a root canal procedure visit a dental professional today.

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