What Will Happen if You Have a Cavity and Do Not Get It Filled

It is important for you to get a cavity treated as soon as possible. A dentist near Evanston, IL, can quickly fill a cavity. However, if you wait too late to get a cavity treated, then many problems can result.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you do not get a cavity treated, then your tooth will become more sensitive. This will make it a lot harder for you to eat your favorite foods and beverages. Your tooth will also be more sensitive when it is exposed to hot or cold.

Increased Growth

The bacteria will continue to penetrate the tooth as long as it is left untreated. That is why the cavity will continue to increase in size. In some cases, the cavity will grow large enough to crack the tooth.

Tooth Pain

Many people will not know that they have a cavity until they start to feel pain. The pain may be so severe that you have trouble eating and talking. You may also notice that the pain radiates to your jaw.

Nerve Damage

A cavity will eventually affect your nerve if it is not treated. You will likely need a more extensive procedure once the nerve is damaged. You may need to get a root canal. If the tooth cannot be saved, then you will need to have it extracted.


You could end up with an infection in your body if the cavity is not treated. You will likely need an antibiotic to treat the infection. Dental infections can cause your jaw to swell. They can also cause you to experience a lot of pain. Additionally, if the dental infection is not treated, then it will likely end up in your bloodstream.

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