What Wisdom Teeth Are, Why They Need to Be Extracted and When They Should Be Extracted

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Dentistry

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are called wisdom teeth because they typically emerge when the patient is approaching adulthood. If the wisdom teeth emerge correctly, they will not cause any more problems than other teeth do.

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often emerge in the wrong position, or there just isn’t enough space for them. When the dentist says that a wisdom tooth is impacted, he means that it is trapped under the gums or in the jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth can damage the neighboring teeth or even the jawbone itself.

When You Should Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted

In many cases, the dentist will have been monitoring your teeth and checking for developing problems. Still, problems can develop in between regular checkups. You should thus call the dentist if you experience pain towards the back of your mouth. Eating or brushing can make pain worse. Wisdom teeth can also cause a stiff or sore jaw and sore gums. A wisdom tooth that emerges only partway increases the risk of bacterial infections and tooth decay.

What Happens During a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

During wisdom teeth removal in Glenview, you might need only a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. If there are complications, such as an impacted tooth, the dentist may need to sedate you or even administer general anesthesia.

You will have to follow instructions regarding post-operative care. For example, you should take any antibiotics or painkillers that your dentist prescribes. You should not drink through a straw, for that can cause a complication called “dry socket.” You should not smoke, for smoking slows the healing process. You should also keep the treatment area scrupulously clean.

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