When to See a Kid’s Dentist and Where to Find One Near Park Ridge

You might shudder at the thought of taking your child to the dentist, but the truth is that doing so is imperative for their oral health.

Read on for information about when you should consider seeing a pediatric dentist, as well as where to find a kids dentist near Park Ridge.

How Young Is Too Young?

Generally speaking, your child should be taken to see the dentist by the time he or she reaches one year of age. Some dental experts even recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as the first tooth emerges, which can be as young as six months old.

What Can I Expect At the First Dental Appointment?

The first dental appointment is often a casual interaction between yourself, your child and the dentist. The dentist will usually gently examine your child’s teeth and perform a cleaning. He or she will answer any questions you may have. As a parent, be sure to come prepared to answer questions from the dentist, such as dietary habits and dental hygiene practices at home. In general, this appointment is focused on making you and your child feel comfortable, and allowing your child to get familiar with the dental office.

How Often Will I Need to Take My Child to See a Dentist?

Just like adults, the general recommendation is that children see their dentist at least twice a year, or every six months. Doing so will prevent plaque and tartar build up, while also boosting the rapport between the dentist and your child.

If you are interested in finding a kids dentist near Park Ridge, contact us at Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge, or check us out online.


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