Whitening for Sensitive Teeth at a General Family Dentistry Practice

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Dentist

Someone who deals with teeth sensitivity may feel frustrated about not being able to eat hot or cold foods without risking a painful episode. This person also may want to use a teeth whitening solution but fear that this will make the situation worse. A General Family Dentistry practice in Highland Park, NJ can provide advice on the best toothpaste products to relieve some of that sensitivity. A dentist or hygienist at this practice also can get the patient started with effective teeth whitening that does not worsen sensitivity except for the first few days. Having teeth whitening done at a dental clinic offers the advantage of access to high-quality products that may not be available in stores, as well as attentive care by dental professionals.

People who have never experienced teeth sensitivity are lucky since they don’t have to deal with tingling, irritation or outright pain that can occur when heat or cold sensations touch the tooth enamel. Individuals with this condition learn to avoid chewing hot or cold foods in the areas of their mouth that are sensitive, and they use a straw when drinking an icy beverage. They certainly don’t want to risk exacerbating the sensitivity.

At a General Family Dentistry clinic in Highland Park, NJ, dental practitioners can use products that are gentler than what you might buy over the counter. They also may leave the solutions on for less time during each session. Since the bleaching strength is lower and the sessions are shorter, more whitening sessions are needed. However, you likely can complete the process at home after the clinic gets you started. Reaching your goal will be a more gradual effort, but you’ll still see noticeable improvements early on.

When you have your initial whitening appointments at the clinic, the practitioners can monitor your sensitivity and remove the solution as soon as you alert them to your noticing the slightest irritation. Another advantage of having professional assistance with the procedure is getting your teeth and gums evaluated before the whitening begins. The dentist may identify an issue that is causing sensitivity or making the condition worse than it would otherwise be. Consult a dentist at a clinic such as the Livy Dental about getting sensitive teeth whitened.

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