Your Dentist And Toothache

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Dentists

When you wake up with a toothache in Lincoln Square, the pain can cause distraction. The pain seems to radiate throughout your entire mouth. It can even cause other parts of your body to ache in sympathy. The causal factors may differ. They may be simple of more complex. In most cases, however, a toothache will result in a visit to the dentist to determine the cause.

Causes of Toothache

There are several reasons for a toothache, but after examining your problem areas experts will be able to tell you what is occurring. The tooth nerve irritated by inflammation of the pulp, may be the result of:

* Dental infection in the gums or of the roots

* Food accumulates between your teeth

* Gum (periodontal) disease

* Plaque

* Tooth decay

* Injury or trauma

* Grinding the teeth excessively

* Teething

* Tooth loss – this includes any dental extractions

* Temporomandibular joint or (TMJ) – a condition that is an injury to the jaw

Toothaches may also be the result of other external problems besides TMJ such as pain in the ear or throat and sinusitis. However, the most common reason for toothache in both adults and children is tooth decay. However, in order to discover the source of the toothache, Lincoln Square professionals suggest a visit to the dentist is required.

Should I Really See a Dentist About My Toothache?

While some toothaches will disappear, others will not. You should consider seeing a dentist about your toothache if the following apply to your situation:

* Your toothache lasts more than 1 or 2 days

* Your toothache is not mild but severe

* When you open your mouth, it is followed by pain

* Your toothache is accompanied by a fever and/or earache

While some toothaches may be harmless spasms that pass, others can lead to severe health problems. If the toothache is the result of an infection, it is important to act quickly to prevent it spreading to other parts of your body. You need the help of a dentist to identify the cause of the toothache. Lincoln Square dentists can do so then advise the best treatment to address the dental issue.

Treating a Toothache

A dentist understands what is best to treat your toothache. Lincoln Square professionals will treat the causal factors. This may involve tooth extraction Treatment for a toothache depends on the cause. If a cavity is causing the toothache, a root canal or a prescription for antibiotics. In addition to treatment, dental professionals will remind you about the need to implement a regular system of dental hygiene. It is the only means of combatting dental issues including toothache. Lincoln Square professionals in fact agree that everyone can prevent the onset of many dental problems by flossing, brushing, cleaning and watching what they eat.

If you are looking for a dentist that can handle such issues as toothache in Lincoln Square, contact the professionals at Business Name. Here, you can find the very best and technologically advanced in dental treatment. Our team provides experienced and diverse forms of dental care to help you achieve that perfect smile.

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