Ways To Calm Your Child’s Fears of Seeing a Children’s Dentist in North Royalton OH

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Dentistry

Everyone’s teeth need to be taken care of, including children. Brushing teeth and using mouthwash can only do so much and cannot tell a parent how healthy their children’s teeth are. This is when you need to take them to a children’s dentist North Royalton OH. How do you keep your child from fearing their first visit?

The first way to keep a child calm about going to see the dentist for kids North Royalton, OH for the first time is to talk to them. Speaking to your child about how you are not afraid of the dentist can help them be calm about the situation. It will show your child that you are not afraid of the dentist. Children feed off of their parent’s emotions so it is easiest to show them that you are not afraid.

Another way to calm a child fearful of seeing the dentist for the first time is through the use of books. There are many books available for children of every age bracket on Children’s Dentist North Royalton OH. Children love being read to and reading them a story about a child’s visit to the dentist can help calm them down. Be careful on your book choice because if the book is meant for a child much older than them it may not keep their attention long enough to be helpful.

There are many videos and shows available about dentists. Some of these are geared towards children and can air on television. However, you may have to find one on a format that you can play in your house. You may want to check the children’s programming on your television for any upcoming programs and record one, if you have a DVR, first.

One last way that you can calm your child’s fears is to take them on a visit to the dentist if you have an appointment before their’s. This way they can actually see that the dentist is okay because you let the dentist work on you. They can watch the dentist at work and see your reactions, assuming you have a great response to dental work yourself. Visit Domain to help motivate your child and familiarize him or her to the dental office in a friendly way.

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