‘Crown’ your teeth!

A dental crown is a method of restoring your dental structure. A dental crown consists of a cap made to be fitted over your tooth to cover those which are decayed to a very bad extent and a cavity tends to threaten one’s dental health. Crowns are used to improve the appearance of the teeth as well as increase the strength of the affected tooth. Dental crowns are bonded to the jaw with the use of a material known as Dental cement. Crowns can be made from many materials.

Bridges is a fake tooth placed to fill in gaps and replace missing teeth. It can be put in all three bases:

  • Between natural teeth
  • Between implants
  • Between a combination of both, natural teeth as well as implants.

Method of preparation of a crown –

While preparing for a dental crown, the whole structure may have to changed, which is why a dental crown must be worn only if it is absolutely necessary. Second and third opinions must be sought before you go in for a crown.

To fit a crown, the entire enamel of the tooth must be broken down. The extent to which the tooth will be reduced depends on what you decide to use to make the crown. Gold requires only 1mm as it is very strong. But porcelain requires an additional 0.5 mm.

The tooth has to have a tapering incline of around three to five degrees (should not exceed twenty degrees) to fit the crown properly. The spacing between the crown and the existing teeth must also be considered when making the crown.

The method of preparation of a bridge is similar to that of a crown as the major difference between the two is the number of units placed in the mouth. While a crown consists of a single tooth, a bridge is used for more than one tooth.

Dental Crown

Dental Crown


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