The various Dental Braces one can opt for

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Braces and Invisalign

One of the most unique types of dental braces that a person can use for severe types of orthodontic work is that of ceramic braces. These work like any other type of dental braces but they feature brackets and other materials that are not easily visible.

Traditional brackets that are used for dental braces are made of metal. This is a material that can be easily shiny and can betray the idea that someone has braces. This is not the most physically attractive thing for anyone with braces to deal with. Ceramic braces can work to help with correcting this problem.

Ceramic braces are made with the use of composite materials. These composite materials are ceramic based and will be ones that can come in colours that match one’s teeth. This is thanks to how the colours of ceramics can be ones that are white or off-white depending on what one’s teeth look like. This is used to help with making the braces look more natural. They will not stand out very easily.

The ceramic material is also one that feels better on one’s teeth. It does not cause any permanent stains on one’s teeth like some metallic kind of material can. After the dental braces are removed, the teeth will look their visual best and will not have to deal with any unusual stains or marks that could result from the brackets.

Although these are great benefits to see, it does help one to know that in most cases the cost of these braces will be higher than that of standard metal dental braces. This comes from the additional process that is used to get these braces made. A typical set of ceramic dental braces will cost more in value than the traditional dental braces since each brace is custom made.

Dental Braces

Dental Braces

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