3 Reasons Not to Skip Getting Crowns in Keizer OR

The truth of the matter is that many people do not understand the benefits of getting a crown for teeth that need it. Many find the process of getting a crown intimidating, or perhaps even frightening. There is no reason to fear them. In fact, the pros of crowns outweigh the cons. When deciding whether to proceed with Crowns in Keizer OR, think about these reasons why you should.

A Simple Filling May not be Enough to Protect Your Teeth from Fractures

One of the frequent questions when facing a Crown in Keizer OR is “Why can the dentist not just put in a filling?” While fillings may work for small jobs or some cavities, dentists designed crowns to repair the kind of damage for which fillings are not sufficient. With extensive tooth decay or other damage, a filling may lead to the tooth fracturing beyond repair if you bite something too hard. The design of a crown is to provide a full spectrum protection for the tooth.

A Crown Can Provide the Look and Feel of a Normal Tooth

Another downside of fillings, or avoiding dental care in general, is the fact that the cavities and the material used to fill them can appear unnatural or unhealthy, not to mention the odd sensation that occurs whenever you run your tongue across it. Dentists design crowns to fit the rest of the tooth shapes in your mouth, in order to prevent that kind of strange feeling. Though many Crowns in Keizer OR can be made of metal, there is also an option for a substance that imitates the color and appearance of a normal tooth.

It Can Prevent Further Dental Problems for That Tooth

Choosing Crowns in Keizer OR can, in all reality, lead to better health for your teeth. As the crown is flush with the tooth that it covers, it can protect it from exposure to bacteria or other harmful substances, which will lead to fewer dental problems. As always, though, you should maintain proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing.

The fact of the matter is that crowns are a great choice when considering dental health. Ask your local dentist for more information on this process, and how it can help you.


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