Understanding the Process of Restorative Implants Surgery

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Dentistry

When a person is faced with the unfortunate circumstance of losing his or her teeth, a couple of options are available: dentures (or partials if such is the case) or dental implants. More people opt for the dentures, especially in the past, because they don’t understand or are afraid of oral surgery. Getting Restorative Implants, however, is a fairly simple procedure, as far as surgeries go. Perhaps, if the prospective patient knew more about the process, he or she might not be so fearful of getting the surgery.

Going to the dentist is frightening enough for a lot of people. Complicate that visit with a talk about surgery, and people are liable to make up excuses about why they can’t come. When you look at the result of getting the implants, mainly having the same functionality as the teeth that were lost, the process suddenly doesn’t seem quite so bad. The implant posts are made of titanium and are affixed to the jawbone. Acting as a foundation, the part of the implants that are are seen as teeth are anchored and show through the gums.

The actual surgical procedure of dental implants usually will require two visits. In the first visit, the titanium posts are set in the jaw and are given about three to four months to fuse to the natural jawbone. During the wait, the patient can wear temporary teeth and are suggested to eat softer foods. Once the implanted posts have sufficiently bonded to the jawbone structure, the patient returns to the dentist to complete the process. The outer part of the posts you see, that is the artificial teeth, are firmly in place.

The great benefit about Restorative Implants is the aid in retaining the natural facial structure. Unlike dentures, which are taken out at night, the implants will help the patient keep his or her appearance and protect the surrounding bone from deterioration. Business Name have been providing oral surgical procedures and other dental services for patients in the Nassau County, New York and Suffolk County, New York areas for several years. If you want to find out more about their oral surgery, visit their website, website url.

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