4 Things Your Dentist Can Spot Just By Looking at Your Teeth

Dental care providers deal with more than cavities. Read on to know what s/he knows just by taking a look at your teeth.

Do you have gum disease? Do you often find your gums bleeding for no reason and no matter how gently you brush your teeth? Do you have loose teeth? These are all warning signs that you may have diabetes, the Everyday Health says. If you suffer from these, your dental care provider may suggest getting tested for diabetes.

This is recognized by weakening in the bones and is often seen in post-menopausal women. And while it doesn’t cause changes in your teeth, it does result in changes in the bone that supports your teeth. A seasoned dentist in Southampton can spot those signs right away.

Eating disorders
These conditions lead to poor nutrition and can result in oral problems like bleeding gums and dry mouth, just to name a few. There may also be signs of erosion on the insides of your front teeth, which are consistent with forced vomiting. If you keep vomiting, then your stomach acid is going to chip away at the enamel of your teeth, making them more sensitive. An experienced dentist in Southampton can connect the dots and figure out that you suffer from eating disorders.

If your dental care provider spots any red or white spots or any ulcerated areas in your cheeks, then that could be possible signs of cancer. Bumps, lumps, and even swelling in your mouth are also possible indications that you may have the Big-C. By showing up for regular dental appointments, early signs of mouth or throat cancer can be caught. You can receive early treatment, which ensures successful results. That’s just one of the many reasons why it pays to visit your dentist regularly.


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