A Brief Guide For Denture Implants In Shepherdsville, KY

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Dentistry

Kentucky dental patients have a brilliant option for restoring their smile. After extensive teeth loss, dental implants present them with a more permanent solution. Denture implants in Shepherdsville KY give these patients a more natural looking opportunity.

What is the Purpose of Dental Implants?

Dental implants restore the smile and give back the patient’s self-esteem. They give them the opportunity to replace single teeth or an entire section. This also gives them the opportunity to communicate properly and avoid potential choking hazards of foods that are chewed inadequately.

How are They Installed?

The dentist creates an implant tooth that looks like the natural tooth exactly. For most dental offices, the tooth is created in a lab. The dentist evaluates the patient’s jawbone to determine if it is strong enough to support the implant tooth. If it is not, the dentist performs bone graft surgery. The patient must wait until the graft has healed completely before the implant is installed.

Next, the dentist installs the titanium root with the abutment. The root is installed into the jawbone completely. The dentist provides a temporary bridge to protect the root while the jaw heals.

The last step is connecting the implant tooth to the abutment and the root. The tooth is secured properly to prevent slipping or falling out. This provides a permanent solution to tooth loss than doesn’t present the same disadvantages of bridges or dentures.

Are They Covered Under Most Dental Plans?

Dental implants are covered under most major dental plans. The percentage of coverage depends on the policy chosen by the patient. This could equate to up to eighty percent of coverage for the total cost. However, the dental patient must fulfill their annual deductible outlined in their policy before coverage begins.

Kentucky dental patients could restore their speech and ability to chew properly with implants. These options won’t slip or fall like traditional dentures or removable bridges. They offer an option that is installed permanently into the mouth. They provide a more natural appearance as compared to other restoration options. Patients who want denture implants in Shepherdsville KY should contact us for more information today.

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