The Main Enemy of the Best Dentist in Alexandria VA

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Dentists

Sweets are the most harmful substance when it comes to the health of children, but also for adults. It has a nice taste and is most desirable, but its composition develops the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Therefore, eating sweets often poses a terrible threat to the teeth. However, if people are careful, they can enjoy these foods with less risk of getting cavities, one of the most common issues (after the common cold). Parents should arrange meals for their children and control their intake of sweets. The Best Dentist in Alexandria VA warn people of these three basic threats:

1. The teeth are damaged when sweets remain in the mouth for a long time.
2. The worst foods are those that get stuck in the interdental spaces of the mouth.
3. The sweets that cause less damage are those that dissolve more rapidly or do not contain sugar. Sugarless gum exemplifies a healthy kind of sweet.

Significantly speaking, there is no sweet that isn’t harmful to teeth, all affect the mouth in one way or another. However, these tips will show people that seeing the Best Dentist in Alexandria VA routinely can help reduce the risk of tooth decay in both children and adults. When it comes to children, they must eat sweets only once a day, not hourly. If parents can accomplish this, they help the child’s mouth avoid constant contact with sugar. Some parents allow their children to eat sweets all at once and ask them to brush their teeth and use dental floss as soon as possible.

It is best to collate the sweets with meals since saliva is secreted when eating and the same can help clean the sugar off the teeth. Cheese is a good ally after eating sweets, mainly because it helps to counteract the effects of sugar on teeth and is a great way to fight tooth decay. Celery, fresh carrots, apple crisps and fresh vegetables or fruits help clean teeth after eating a sticky treat. However, it is best to always carry a toothbrush. Contact your local dentist or click here to get more info.

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