The Advantages And Benefits Of Dental Implants

In the past, if you lost one or more teeth there were two solutions; a denture or a bridge, both of which have their disadvantages. A denture is often hard to keep stable in your oral cavity and a bridge requires that teeth either side be ground down which can only weaken them. The last half century has brought huge advances in dentistry, one of which is dental implants in downtown Chicago.

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is surgically implanted directly into the jaw bone; the implant is a replacement tooth root. After a number of months, the implant is stable and a crown is placed on the implant. Dental implants are also used to stabilize full dentures.

Dental implants are durable and will last for life; there are numerous advantages and benefits that make them the preferred way to replace one or more teeth.

The major advantages and benefits of dental implants:

   * You will look younger. When a tooth is lost, jaw bone loss also occurs. Dental implants prevent bone loss, the result is you look and feel younger as your facial features do not sag, wrinkle and shrink.

   * Crowns supported by dental implants are strong; they allow you the same biting power and chewing ability as your natural teeth did.

   * There is no need to involve any other teeth which is necessary when a bridge is used.

   * Dental implants maintain the stability of teeth on either side; the implant stops adjacent teeth from shifting to fill the gap.

   * Dental implants are permanent; there is no need for dental adhesive or a false palate that can deaden your taste buds.

Dental implants in downtown Chicago can replace one tooth, a number of teeth or they can be used to replace every tooth in a jaw. The number of implants depends on the condition of and the amount of jaw bone available for the titanium implant.

If you are missing one or more teeth the solution may be dental implants in downtown Chicago. You are invited to make an appointment to discuss dental implants with South Loop Dental Specialists. Like us on our facebook page.


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