Consult a Dentist about Options for Replacing Teeth

Teeth damaged from decay can make you sick if they are not treated properly. They can become inflamed and abscesses can form, which could allow the infection to get into your bloodstream. To prevent this from happening, you can have your teeth extracted and replaced by dental prosthetics to allow you to eat and speak properly as well as help you retain a beautiful smile.

Teeth Replacement Options

You will have several options when considering how to replace missing teeth. If you only have one or a few missing teeth, then a dentist at New Age Dental Care may recommend dental implants or a partial denture. Dental implants look real and can be used exactly as real teeth can since they are anchored in your mouth.

Partial dentures, or bridges, fit over on the gums and are secured by a metal frame to help replace missing teeth. However, if you need all the teeth on your upper and/or lower jaw removed due to dental disease or an accident, then you can have dentures made to replace your teeth.

Mouth Care

It is important to take care of your mouth, especially your gums after you’ve had dentures fitted. Mouth sores can develop if dentures fit too snugly or are too loose. If you feel mouth sores developing, contact your dentist to have your mouth examined and the dentures adjusted. Sometimes having them lined helps if they are too big.

A dentist will give you advice about caring for your dentures, such as what to use to clean them, and caring for your mouth as well. To get more information about getting dentures, go to Visit the website or contact them at 636-449-0215 to set up an appointment to have your teeth examined.

Getting dentures can give you back your life because they can stop tooth infections and restore your smile. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!


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