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A general dentist can perform various functions, but orthodontist is a dentist who is specialized in aligning teeth through braces, or any latest technique. Many dentists in Beachwood are qualified enough to treat misaligned teeth. A dentist has to get a specific training to be an orthodontist, which include eight or ten years of training. The basic requirements are described in this article.

Orthodontists often apply to dental schools after finishing their graduation or bachelors and take dentistry classes. Whereas, all other requirements are the same as for general dentists, but the specialization needs further education and training to deal with misaligned teeth. After finishing the dental school, a dentist has to enroll for orthodontics program consisting of two to four years, as it is a requirement of most of the states. Residency is also required to become an orthodontist.

You also have to pass an exam to get the license, and it includes oral and written parts. Similarly, a certification exam has to be passed to get a certificate from the state, in which the orthodontic’s training is assessed. After passing that you will be able to start your practice in this area. However, as there are various techniques to align teeth, including traditional and latest method, so the specialist has to get trained accordingly. Dentists in Beachwood keep on updating themselves about latest techniques.

Different methods of teeth straightening being practiced by specialists are given below:

Brackets: They are of two types, as regular brackets and clear brackets, the former are used commonly and they are not very expensive. They involve metal, but they don’t look pleasant. But, creative doctors have found its solution as well in the form of colorful bands which are placed on brackets. In Beachwood both techniques are used by the dentists. The clear type of brackets esthetically look nice, as they are transparent, but the way of using them is just like regular brackets.

Lingual: This is another orthodontic technique in which bracket is fixed to the teeth inner side, hence they are not visible. They are also commonly used, but their treatment period is longer than other methods.

Removable aligners known as invisalign: They are mostly custom-made, and aesthetically they are ideal as you can remove them when you want. But, they are very expensive and take much time than the rest of the methods.

Latest techniques: They involve self-locking brackets, but this treatment also needs longer time period. However, some companies have developed more advanced methods reducing 40 percent of treatment time. But, this is not the end, as new researches continue and manufacturers will keep on developing unique techniques.

As things have become fast and online information has increased people’s knowledge, so patients now ask about new ways regarding orthodontics. This demand has put more pressure on dentists, so they need to learn these new techniques to be successful in their career. But, as there are several trained people teaching these techniques to the new comers, hence they have made the job easier for dentists in Beachwood.

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