Cosmetic Dentistry in Fishers, IN Offers Many Solutions for Improving the Appearance of Teeth

As medical technology has advanced to allow for more impressive techniques and better results, more and more patients are opting to receive cosmetic dental procedures. The appearance of teeth is important in social settings and for overall self-esteem, and many patients are unhappy with the condition of their teeth. Two of the most popular procedures for cosmetic dentistry in Fishers IN are as follows, but there are many more options available for patients.

Dental Whitening

Professional dental whitening has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available. Most patients find they are unhappy with the shade of their teeth or with stains that have developed over time, usually due to habits like coffee, red wine, or tea consumption as well as tobacco usage and eating certain foods. Professional whitening effectively removes these stains and lightens teeth to their natural white state. While there are other products available for whitening teeth at home, they are not always effective or safe for everyone. Some people with sensitive teeth or gums may experience pain using these home methods, so getting help from a dentist is always a better choice. Also, some bleach kits for home use can lead to spots, streaks, or uneven whitening, which often makes teeth look worse instead of better. For the best whitening results, patients should seek a cosmetic dentist.

Dental Implants

Implants are a great option for anyone who is missing teeth. While more expensive than dentures or bridges, implants offer far better results. Implants are placed in the gums surgically, so they cannot slip or fall out of the mouth like dentures often do. Also, implants look like real teeth and cannot typically be identified as artificial by others. Implants can be used to replace just a single tooth or many teeth in the mouth. Due to their versatility and attractive appearance, many patients ask for implants when it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry in Fishers IN.

By choosing options like implants or dental whitening, it is possible for patients to achieve healthier, more attractive smiles. There are many options available from cosmetic dentists to improve teeth or hide damage from view. Contact us to schedule a consultation to determine what type of procedure is recommended.


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