Keep Smiling Through with the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Fairfield, CA

There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when you smile. A smile should ideally be an expression of joy and excitement and wonder and love, a spontaneous outpouring of positive emotion for the benefit of you and those around you. It should not be an awkward affair because you’re afraid of smiling too fully lest you expose those teeth you chipped last summer in a biking accident.

Your smile is one of your greatest social assets. When your smile looks good, it feels good, and, more importantly, you feel good. That’s why you want to seek out a cosmetic dentist in Fairfield, CA with the experience and care of Jacquelyn N. Averett DDS. Here are just a few dental services you can expect from her that are sure to keep you smiling.

Teeth Whitening and Maintenance

If you’ve ever had the experience of brushing and brushing and yet not quite being able to capture that perfect white brightness you’re looking for, have no fear. A cosmetic dentist can employ specialized brushes, polishes, and other tools to help give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Plaque builds up in hard-to-reach places in the mouth over time, so even the best over-the-counter toothbrush can’t get it all sometimes. By contrast, the brushes that a dentist uses are of a quite stronger caliber, while the polish he or she employs helps keep your teeth looking whiter and brighter and feeling stronger for weeks afterward.

Veneers, Fillings, and So Much More

Are you self-conscious about a chipped or cracked tooth? Embarrassed by that unsightly gap between your front teeth. Have no fear, since your friendly neighborhood cosmetic dentist can come to the rescue once again with a variety of veneers, fillings, bonding, and so much more. The ceramics used here blend in seamlessly with your real teeth in both color and texture.

Enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted with a great cosmetic dentist in Fairfield, CA.


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