Do You Have Gingivitis or Periodontal Disease? See a Family Dentist in Redding to Save Your Teeth!

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Dentistry

Many people go to a family dentist in Redding for standard procedures like cleanings and fillings, but a good dentist is also equipped to take care of serious issues. Such treatment can help you keep your natural teeth for decades, so you definitely shouldn’t ignore problems that are out of the ordinary. A good dental office like Moore & Pascarella can take care of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and more in order to stop existing problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Gingivitis is a gum irritation that is suffered by the vast majority of American adults. In its initial stages, it often shows up as a slight reddening and puffiness at the gumline. Later on, however, it can develop into periodontal disease. This disease is caused by infected pockets next to the teeth and results in the deterioration of the gums and the ligament that connects each tooth to the jaw. Eventually, it’ll even attack the jaw bone itself. Once it progresses too far, there will no longer be enough connective tissue to hold the affected teeth in your mouth. When this happens, the teeth will get loose and then fall out.

Obviously, it’s important to have gingivitis and periodontal disease taken care of before any teeth get loose, let alone fall out. Regular cleaning and attention to excellent oral hygiene can reverse gingivitis, but periodontal disease requires more intensive treatment. Scaling and root planing is a front-line treatment that involves using special tools to clean out deep pockets far more thoroughly than standard cleaning possibly can. Anesthetic is used to prevent discomfort during the process. For more advanced cases, flap surgery may be needed. In this treatment, the gums are cut so that the entire root of the affected tooth or teeth are exposed. Then, the infected material is removed and the gums are sewn up.

While periodontal treatments can sound scary, modern anesthesia makes them painless and easy to tolerate. Plus, the benefit is undeniable. Teeth that otherwise would have been lost will be able to remain in place, and since the periodontal disease will have been eliminated, the jaw will heal so that the teeth are anchored strongly once again. Visit site to learn more about periodontal treatments and other advanced procedures available from a family dentist in Redding.

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