How Do Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee AZ Protect Your Teeth?

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Dentistry

You know the importance of taking care of your teeth and keeping them strong and healthy. When your teeth experience damage, due to cavities or injuries, they could become unstable. Unstable teeth are prone to damage and are a danger, because they can break while eating and you could become choked on the broken pieces of teeth. To avoid losing your tooth, the dentist may make the decision to cover your tooth with a crown. A dental crown will fully cover all exposed areas of your tooth, so it is protected and structurally sound.

What Can You Expect When You Get Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee AZ?
Dental crowns are made from different materials and are used according to your needs and preferences. They are crafted from porcelain, resin, stainless steel and metal alloys. When choosing a crown, it is important you choose wisely. While most people prefer porcelain crowns, they are not the strongest available. For true strength that will last for many years, you may want to consider one of the metal alloy crowns. Your dentist will assist you in making the final decision on which type of crown will best protect your tooth and give it lasting strength.

Most people will need at least two dental appointments before they receive their crown. You will first come in for an impression to be made. The dentist will need to create an impression of your tooth so the dental lab can create a crown that will offer the perfect fit for your tooth. During this appointment, you will also have your tooth shaped and prepared to receive the crown. To shape the tooth, the dentist will simply round the square corners and make it smaller, so it can accept the new crown.

Since you will be waiting for your crown to be created in the lab, you will be sent home with a temporary plastic crown. Once your new crown is ready, it will be cemented onto your tooth, making it a permanent part of your smile. This will provide years of protection for your tooth, so you do not experience damage.

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