Facts of Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia

If you want Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia that is both effective and safe, you should always visit a dentist’s office. They can help you safely through to a successful conclusion. You can always try over-the-counter methods, however, these never work as well as the in-chair methods. For more information, continue reading or contact your local dentist.

Get your white teeth back

Most people have had, at some point, white teeth, but over time they become more yellowish or dark. Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia works by affecting the coloring that has penetrated into the teeth that has discolored it. The teeth that appear yellow/dark/gray will now appear pearly white. With teeth whitening, your teeth regain a whiter shade.

Durability depends, inter alia, on the food items you consume, if you use tobacco, etc. The typical result is that it lasts a few years. Tooth bleaching does not have the same effect on fillings as it does on normal teeth. Plastic fillings will need to be changed so they match the outcome of the tooth whitening. You can also take the fillings out before the procedure and then replace them afterwards.

Teeth whitening: whiten teeth with home bleaching

  • The treatment starts at the first visit to the clinic and it takes about one hour.
  • Dentists start with a study which assesses whether the teeth are suitable for whitening or not. Then, they instruct you on the proper use of whitening gel and trays.
  • They take impressions of your teeth and produce two individual mouth trays for you.
  • One visit is typically enough. A patient gets their oral trays and gel, and can take them home the same day. When at home, they use them for two hours a day for about 14 days, or by appointment.

The result of a teeth whitening procedure is always individual and therefore one cannot say beforehand the precise shade of color an individual can achieve. In some cases, these are quite significant changes, while in other cases it is less pronounced. In fact, dentists use the same thinking with Dental Implants. To achieve the optimum result, dentists will polish your teeth before bleaching.


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