Get A Brand New Smile With Veneers In Hawaii

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Dental Implants, Dentistry, Dentists

It’s a known fact that a smile is one of the first things noticed when meeting someone for the first time. Meeting someone with an open and pleasant smile makes others assume the person is friendly. Conversely, a tight-lipped grimace when meeting someone may lead others to believe the newcomer is unfriendly and would rather be left alone. This may be true, but it may be that the person is quite friendly but just embarrassed or uncomfortable showing their teeth. They may have misshapen teeth, yellowed or stained teeth or even cracked or chipped teeth that they rather try to hide behind a closed lip smile. Fortunately, no one has to live with teeth they want to hide. By visiting a dentist to learn about veneers in Hawaii, the patient will find out how to improve the look of their teeth and get the smile of their dreams.

The process of getting Veneers in Hawaii is a simple one that usually involves two dental visits. The fist visit allows for a consultation with the dentist and determining the proper shade of whiteness, so the teeth look natural when the process is complete. An impression is also taken of the teeth to ensure the veneers have a natural look and a comfortable fit. Because the veneers are made out of either paper thin plastic or porcelain, a very small amount is buffed away from the existing teeth to aid in adhesion of the veneers.

On the return visit, the dentist will apply a bonding agent to the existing teeth to securely attach the veneers onto the teeth. When the procedure is complete, the patient has a brand new look with a picture perfect smile. Though the veneers usually withstand stains from coffee, tea and other dark colored liquids such as cola and red wine, it’s usually recommended to keep up with proper dental cleanings to remove any staining and to prevent tooth decay in the existing teeth. Though not a permanent solution, with proper care veneers can last ten to fifteen years or more, making them a semi-permanent and trouble free solution to anyone’s smile problem. Don’t wait, visit the dentist and see what can be done to get a picture perfect smile of your own.

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