How Dentists Near Lakeview Assess for Systemic Illnesses During Checkups

You probably know that when you visit your dentist near Lakeview, he or she is going to assess your oral cavity for signs of dental decay and gum disease. What you might not know, however, is that your dentist may also be looking for signs of systemic illness during your examination. Here are some ways dentists can uncover diseases during an oral examination.


If your dentist near Lakeview notices that your mouth is extremely dry, especially if your dry mouth is associated with dental decay, he or she may suspect autoimmune diseases. Certain autoimmune disorders can affect tear and saliva production, raising the risk for dry eyes and dry mouth.

If your dentist believes that you may have an autoimmune disease, he or she will refer you back to your primary care physician for further testing and treatment. Once your autoimmune disease is recognized and well-managed, your salivary flow will be re-established, and you will no longer suffer from a dry mouth.

Purple Spots

Another telltale sign of a systemic illness includes purple spots inside your mouth. Little pinpoint purple dots may appear on the inner cheeks, underneath your tongue, your throat, or even your gums.

These tiny dots may mean that you are anemic or that you have a platelet disorder. The spots indicate subcutaneous bleeding, which means that you are bleeding underneath your skin. You may need to see your physician for a complete blood count to evaluate your platelets, hemoglobin, and hematocrit.

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