How to Tell If You Need a Dental Implant in Northbrook

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Dentist

Tooth loss can happen to anyone as they age. Factors like severe gum disease or cavities can damage your teeth beyond repair. Leaving these damaged teeth untreated can seriously affect your health.

This is where dental implants come in. By replacing your damaged teeth with implants, you’ll be able to get your smile back while improving your oral health.

Read on for three signs it’s time for dental implants.

You’re Missing a Tooth

Missing teeth aren’t uncommon. Thanks to dental implants, you can fill in your missing teeth with artificial teeth that look as natural as your original smile.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or a few, consider getting a dental implant in Northbrook to bring your smile back to life.

You’re Tired of Dentures

Wearing dentures can be a messy process. Removing them, cleaning them, and applying adhesives to keep them inside your mouth can be aggravating. With dental implants, you can skip this process and enjoy your smile again.

You Have an Infected Tooth

Infected teeth are dangerous if left untreated. If your tooth is too far gone to save, you’ll need to have it extracted.

After the extraction, you’ll be able to install a dental implant to serve as a new tooth. This durable and strong implant will make you forget that you ever lost any of your teeth.

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