How to Treat Tooth Pain Until You Can Find an Emergency Dentist in Hamilton

Toothaches always seem to flare up at night or on the weekend. Fortunately, many dentists offer emergency dental care in Hamilton for those situations. Even when you find an open office, you’ll want to do something immediately to alleviate the pain. Taking medication may interfere with your dentist’s ability to treat the problem, but these natural remedies can be just as effective in alleviating tooth pain.

Use a Cold Compress

You can use a cold compress to reduce the inflammation that’s causing tooth pain. If you don’t have a cold compress, wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth or use a bag of frozen peas. The cold compress should be held against your face in the general area of the pain.

Rinse with Salt Water

Mix half of a teaspoon with 8 ounces of lukewarm water and swish the solution around in your mouth for a few seconds. Be sure to spit it all out afterward. The saltwater is effective in alleviating pain because it reduces inflammation around the affected tooth. It can help heal any wounds in your gum tissue that may be contributing to the pain.

Use a Peppermint Teabag

Peppermint tea has a mild numbing effect on the nerves, which makes it useful in treating tooth pain temporarily until you can obtain emergency dental care in Hamilton. Some people find it’s more effective to put the teabag in the freezer for a few minutes before placing it in the mouth. Others find that it works better when the teabag is warm. You can experiment to find out which method works best for you.

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