Replace Tooth with Dental Implants in Mount Pleasant SC

by | May 12, 2021 | Dentist

Losing a tooth is a painful and difficult experience to go through. Some teeth are lost by being knocked out, others can simply deteriorate to a point where they fall out. Regardless of the cause, it is important to know that lost teeth should be replaced. When teeth are not replaced, the bone around that tooth will begin to deteriorate itself. This can lead to a weaker jaw bone, and a jaw bone that will completely change shape. Most dentists that handle implants can reshape that jaw without having to do any major surgery. The best place to start for this type of work is with a professional that does Dental Implants Mount Pleasant SC. A professional will be able to walk people through the procedure and the options they may have to choose from.

The implant that is used to replace a lost tooth is typically a titanium post that actually bonds to the existing bone that is left. The post is then covered by a crown and then an abutment is put in place to make sure the new tooth has the proper room within the mouth. These procedures used to be very costly and take multiple visits to complete. With modern dentistry, many dentists will offer this procedure in one day so it can be done at a fraction of what it used to cost.

When the Dental Implants Mount Pleasant SC are put in place, there are several benefits that patients will notice. The first is the improved appearance of their smile, teeth and jaw line. The loss of a tooth can drastically change the way a person looks and the implant can correct that. The second benefit is comfort and function. Having a missing tooth can really hinder simple things like chewing and drinking. It can also alter the types of foods that people eat. Getting the implant can really bring things back to normal.

When searching for Dental Implants in Mount Pleasant SC, it is critical to find a dentist that has experience with these procedures, and a dentist that will allow patients to ask questions to put their mind at ease. Implants are usually available for one tooth, multiple teeth or an entire upper or lower jaw.

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