Procedures that a Cosmetic Dentist Performs on Patients

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Dentists

People always believe that a smile can brighten not only your day but someone else’s day as well. This is why a cosmetic dentist, Oakbrook IL is important. He or she is responsible for treating teeth and gum infections, missing teeth and teeth that are discolored. Most people also see cosmetic dentists when their teeth need to be straightened if they have problems with speech or eating. While some cosmetic dentistry procedures are necessary, in most cases, people visit a cosmetic dentist for aesthetic reasons.

Most people visit a cosmetic dentist, Oakbrook IL to improve their self-esteem. This means that their teeth need to look great so that they can feel good about themselves. For this reason, cosmetic dentists usually specialize in dentistry in order to qualify to perform certain dental procedures on their patients. During the first visit, the cosmetic dentist usually shows the patient pictures on how their teeth look like to how they will be transformed to the teeth that they desire. Patients are also allowed to ask questions on different procedures and raise their concerns on the best procedure for their teeth. The cosmetic dentist also addresses issues such as expectations after the procedure, the duration or recovery time as well as the dental visits that the patient will need to attend for the best results. Some of these procedures include:

* Bleaching: A high percentage of patients who visit a cosmetic dentist are because of discolored teeth. The most common causes of discoloration in teeth are coffee or tea, which are people’s favorite beverages, and aging. People who smoke also discolor their teeth. Bleaching usually involves using chemicals to whiten the teeth. This procedure is quite simple as it usually takes less than an hour.

* Crown fitting: Patients usually visit a cosmetic dentist for crown fitting when their teeth need shaping. Shaping of the teeth allows people to talk properly and improve their appearance. Patients who usually request for crowns do so when they want a permanent procedure but one should remember that the more permanent a procedure, the more visits he or she will need to make to the dentist.

* Bonding: Some people usually have gaps in between their teeth as a result of genes or an accident. There are people who love the front gap of their teeth but others prefer filling them. For the latter, bonding is the best procedure. This is because it takes a long time before you need to go back to the cosmetic dentist for filling. Secondly, bonding is also considered a great procedure for people who have chipped teeth and cavities. Generally, the procedure requires only one visit to the dentist. However, patients whose teeth are bonded are required to take special care of their teeth especially to avoid discoloration.


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