Root Canal Therapy From an Oceanside, CA Emergency Dentist

There are so many nerve endings in the mouth that dental pain can really be like the thorn in the lion’s paw that makes even the toughest person completely miserable. If it’s over a weekend or at night, usually your only option is to go to the emergency room, where they will likely give you a prescription pain medication, send you home, and tell you to call your own dentist in the morning to see if they can work you in. This is a situation where it would be nice to have an Oceanside CA Emergency Dentist who could actually treat the cause of the problem without having to wait for office hours.

A patient may have a painful abscess on the gums, swelling, and extreme tooth pain, and these symptoms may mean that there’s a problem within the nerve of a tooth. Upon examination, an Oceanside CA Emergency Dentist may discover that the pulp tissue inside of the tooth is infected or the tooth is decayed, and the patient may need root canal therapy. If possible, the dentist will want to do root canal therapy in order to save the tooth instead of pulling the tooth and putting in an implant.

In root canal therapy, the dentist will make an opening in the top of the affected tooth and use that to extract the bacterial infection along with the infected pulp and nerves and any decayed tooth material. The dentist will clean the inside of the tooth to remove all traces of the bacteria. It may take awhile for the swelling to go down and the sensitivity to go away after the infected area has been treated and cleaned. At this point, the dentist will fill in the area with a temporary filling if the patient needs to come back for a second appointment. If not, the dentist will put in a permanent filling.

If the patient needs to return for more treatment, the dentist will remove the temporary filling and seal up the nerves and cavity area with a permanent filling. Then, the dentist will create a crown for the top of the tooth. A crown adds quite a bit of strength to the tooth, and it lasts a long time.



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