Seeing An Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR When A Tooth Is Knocked Out

When someone has the unfortunate situation in having a tooth knocked out if its socket, they will most likely want to get to an Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR immediately. If a tooth is brought to an emergency dentist within a half an hour of the incident knocking it from the mouth, there is a chance in salvaging it instead of needing false tooth placement instead. The roots will need to be protected during transport in an attempt to maximize the chance of a successful reinsertion into the mouth.

First, the tooth should be cleaned to remove any debris and bacteria that may have touched it when it fell to the ground or floor. Make sure to close off the faucet on a sink before rinsing the tooth. Grasp the tooth by the crown portion instead of handling the roots so there is a better chance of it staying intact.

It is best to try placing the tooth back into the socket if possible. Make sure the tooth is pointing the same direction as it was when it was originally in the mouth. If the tooth does not stay in the socket, it will need to be appropriately transported so the roots remain moist. Most people will put a tooth that had been knocked out into a cup of milk. This has the moisturizing property needed for a safe transport. Water should not be used as there may be minerals in it which can cause the roots to deteriorate.

If milk is not available, the tooth can be placed in the mouth between the inner cheek and fronts of the teeth. This pocket will hold the tooth safely in a moist atmosphere. It is very important to be careful the tooth is not accidentally swallowed if this method is used.

If someone needs an Emergency Dentist in Keizer OR, they can take a look online for a reputable service. Click here for more info about emergency situations and how to tend to them properly. An appointment can be made if needed or address information can be found if there is not time for scheduling.


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