Three Common Questions About Root Canal Treatment In Toledo Ohio

When individuals have tooth pain due to an infection inside the pulp of the tooth, it’s necessary to visit a Root Canal Treatment Toledo Ohio area dentist. During the appointment, the dentist will clean out the infection inside the tooth so the tooth can be saved. To learn more about this common dental procedure, read the following questions and answers.

Q.) What does a dentist do when a patient needs a root canal treatment?

A.) A dentist begins the procedure by cleaning out the inside of the tooth with tiny dental instruments. This removes the pulp and the nerve, and any decay and infection that’s inside the tooth. The next step is to fill the inside of the tooth with a dental material that allows the tooth to function normally. This procedure saves the natural tooth and relieves the pain.

Q.) Is it painful when a dentist performs a root canal treatment?

A.) When patients have inflammation and an infection inside their tooth, they’re usually experiencing extreme pain. Before performing the procedure, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth so there won’t be any pain during the procedure. After the Root Canal Treatment Toledo Ohio area dentist completes the treatment, the numbness will last another 2 or 3 hours. When the medication wears off, the patient may experience some pain and soreness around the area of the tooth for a few days.

Q.) Are there any special instructions for patients to follow after having a root canal treatment?

A.) After the procedure is completed, the Root Canal Treatment Toledo Ohio area dentist will give the patient a list of instructions to follow for the remainder of the day. The dentist may prescribe medications for the patient, such as an antibiotic, to control an infection. After having a root canal, the dentist may recommend that the patient eat soft foods for the rest of the day.

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