Three Compelling Reasons To Ask A Cosmetic Dentist in Baltimore City About The Possibility Of Getting Lumineers

Obtaining a great smile can sometimes seem elusive for those who seek it. The foods that people eat, accidents they experience, and even the medication they take can affect the look of a person’s teeth. In order to get their smile back on track, many people turn to cosmetic dentistry for help. Fortunately, dentists have come up with a plethora of solutions to restore patients’ smiles, one of which is Lumineers. As anyone may have guessed, Lumineers are much like veneers, but they do come with a few distinct advantages. For those who may not be familiar with them, here’s just a few of the ways Lumineers can often be a better choice than veneers:

  • Both Lumineers and veneers are simply a hard shell that covers the outside of the tooth. While veneers are near a millimeter in thickness, Lumineers are only about 0.2 millimeters thick. This thinness gives Lumineers the advantage of having better translucency and looking very natural on the teeth. In this way, Lumineers sometimes look more like the patient’s other natural teeth in their mouth and make it harder for other people to tell that they have had any dental work done by a Cosmetic Dentist in Baltimore City
  • While veneers are great at helping people achieve a better smile, they do require (sometimes painful) alteration of the teeth). The dentist has to remove a layer of a tooth in order to fit them on top of the tooth enamel. This can, unfortunately, be painful and cause sensitivity. One of the best things about Lumineers is that, for many patients, this layer removal is not necessary, which makes Lumineers and more comfortable and less invasive solution.
  • A Cosmetic Dentist in Baltimore City will warn patients who request veneers that once they are placed on the teeth they can never be removed. If a patient decides that they’d rather not have them, the process cannot be reversed. Those who opt for Lumineers, however, do not have this problem. This is because Lumineers can indeed be removed if the patient wishes to do so somewhere down the line.

Lumineers have the potential to help patients improve the look of their teeth without the pain or permanency that comes with veneers. Discover more info here about how Lumineers can finally make a bright, beautiful smile an attainable goal for many people.


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