Various Options for Braces in Hinsdale

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Dentists

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. When looking at the television or in a magazine, people see their favorite celebrity smiling. They want to be able to smile like that. Of course, most people don’t have the perfect set of teeth. It takes some work to get teeth that look picture perfect. One of the things that people might have to have done is to get braces to correct their teeth. Braces have been sported by adolescents and adults alike. There is dentistry that provides Braces in Hinsdale. These are some of the options patients have for braces.

Traditionally, everyone got the metal braces when their teeth needed to be straightened. Metal braces were very unattractive. They can be uncomfortable, often being an irritant to the gums and cheeks. The wearer cannot eat certain foods that might get stuck on the braces, such as bubble gum or caramel candy. The wearer also cannot eat hard foods that might dislodge the braces. The braces make it difficult to brush the teeth properly, as they are in the way. However, these braces are the most inexpensive of the types.

There are ceramic braces that are worn by some patients. These cost a little more than the traditional stainless steel braces. They are easy to chip or break and are difficult to maintain. However, they are colored like natural teeth, and so blend in more easily. The third type of braces that people get is called lingual braces. These braces hide behind the teeth, keeping them out of sight, but they are difficult to install. The last kind of braces is clear braces, most popularly known as Invisalign. These clear aligners are becoming more popular. However, they are the most expensive.

Oakbrook Orthodontics has been providing patients in Hinsdale, and the surrounding areas with dental solutions for over two decades. The dentistry can offer braces that the patients may desire or need, including the Invisalign clear braces. The dentistry also offers emergency dental services, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. If any patients are looking to get Braces in Hinsdale, get more information by visiting the website.

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