What Kinds of Services Can A Patient Expect from A Wicker Park Dentist?

Residents in the Wicker Park area can expect a variety of services from their dentist. Examples include orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and emergency care.

What Is A Same-Day Crown?

A same-day crown is one made through a technology called CEREC that includes a computer and a milling machine. Traditional crowns have to be custom-made by a dental lab, which takes several weeks. The patient has to wear a temporary crown and then get their permanent crown during another appointment. CEREC, by contrast, enables the dentist to make the crown while the patient waits, so the patient can get their crown in just one appointment. Contact East Village Dental Care for a dentist in Wicker Park

What Does Emergency Care Cover?

Emergency dental care covers anything that can’t wait until normal business hours. Examples of conditions requiring emergency care include broken teeth and severe toothache. The dentist may perform a root canal or extraction. The emergency dentist can also repair broken prosthetics like dentures.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is the use of sedatives to keep a nervous and anxious patient calm and relaxed during their treatment. The dentist offers two types of sleep dentistry: oral sedatives and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The patient will inhale nitrous oxide through a mask placed over their nose. It takes effect almost immediately, and the effects dissipate shortly after the dentist removes the mask. Oral sedatives take longer to wear off, so the patient will need somebody to drive them to and from the office.

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