Ask a Dentist About Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes a smile needs a little help to make it shine. A person who has imperfect teeth may avoid being around other people in social situations. Rather than hiding those embarrassing teeth, restore them to their original beauty with cosmetic dentistry done by a dentist with over 37 Years of EXPERIENCE! Not only will your smile look wonderful, but your self esteem will grow too.

When teeth wear down, become permanently discoloured, have imperfections that are difficult to correct, or are missing completely, it may be time to ask a dentist about crowns & bridges. These cosmetic applications can be used to improve one’s smile. When a crown is chosen, the object is to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible, while covering it with an artificial layer of protective material that’s most often manufactured from porcelain. Once a crown is in place, it will be able to withstand the pressure associated with biting and chewing, while protecting the delicate tooth below. A crowns in Grand Island NE can prevent a fragile tooth from fracturing or crumbling, which often happens after having a root canal is done. When a patient undergoes a root canal to relieve pain or remove an infection, it weakens the tooth. A crown provides the tooth with a protective shield that looks and functions like a real tooth does.

If a tooth is missing altogether, a bridge can fill in the gap. A bridge can be used to fill the space of a single tooth, or multiple teeth. A bridge consists of a false tooth that rests in the space left by a missing tooth, and is connected to the teeth on either side of the gap. A dental bridge can be attached to real teeth or dental implants, depending on the individual patient. Bridgework is used to keep any remaining teeth from moving out of position, while providing a patient with a realistic looking smile. A bridge must be specifically designed to fit the space and shape of a patient’s mouth in order to prevent it from slipping and moving when the individual is talking or eating.

Problem teeth don’t need to keep an individual out of the spotlight. Ask a dentist about crowns & bridges to see how this area of cosmetic dentistry can turn those embarrassing teeth into a smile that lights up the room.

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